Path of Love and Peace

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to choose love and peace

or hate and war

you have already chosen

fear assumes the language of love

pretending, wanting to make you safe and at peace

it gives you boundaries and a program to rely on

it promises to take you where you want to go

when its real hidden agenda is to never get you there

fear is an exclusive club

love is an inclusive paradise

you will know them by the fruit they bear

choose the path of love and peace

in your hearts and thoughts

focus, words and song

actions and feelings

experiences and articulations

in your giving and receiving

always and forever in every moment in your time

choose the path of love and peace

it is simple, really / reality / real-eyes.

on the border of your waking minds

there is another world and kind

where darkness and light are one

as you tread the halls of sanity

you feel love's gravity

pulling you into another time.